How I became a Concierge

This could easily become a story with the length along the lines of a classic such as “War & Peace” but for the sake of efficiency I’ll try and keep this short.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work in hotels. This urge was stimulated by frequent internationals trips taken with my family staying in some of the best hotels in cities all around the world. By the age of 16 I had travelled extensively through the United States & Europe and had experienced more countries and hotels in those years than some people have in a lifetime.

What always struck me was the professionalism of the staff and the willingness to assist in every way no matter how large or small. That intrigued me.

I spent the latter part of school life at boarding school which instilled in me; amongst other attributes such as independence, the ability to serve and assist people without issue and without taking offence to bad manners or attitudes.

This would certainly stand me in good stead throughout my Hotel Management training and for the rest of my career in the hospitality industry. It takes a special (read odd, weird etc…) individual to be able to take verbal and the occasional physical abuse from irate guests when things don’t run as they expect.

The plain fact that some people are ‘made’ to work in the hospitality industry is, in this case, entirely true. I’ve worked with many people over the course of my career who have worked in hotels either because they ‘thought it was a good thing to try’ or simply due to a lack of qualifications to do anything else. When you come down to it working in hotels isn’t rocket science; but it does take a special type of individual to handle the stress, working hours, measly pay and intensive guest interaction that is inherent in the industry.

Since I was well aware of my own ability and what I liked and disliked about hotels from a customer aspect, with some research I stumbled upon the position of Concierge. I have provided the Wikipedia description of a Concierge earlier in this blog; however looking at the position from my perspective at that time filled me with all kinds of excitement and inspiration. Or at least more so than any other of the options that we were given when choosing our final year of specialisation.

However as I progressed through the first and then second year I realised that I had, intuitively, made the correct decision.

So bearing all of this in mind, as a fresh faced boy straight out of school I moved to a new city and began my hotel management internship.

This journey of discovery and learning shall be explored in another post.

I am Concierge.


2 responses to “How I became a Concierge

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