Does a professional Concierge have a future?

Is there a place in the future for a professional Concierge?

I’d like to think so, obviously. I do believe that every hotel should have a Concierge. And no, not just the fancy 5 star hotels that most people cannot afford to stay in regularly. Every single hotel.

I shall, of course, give my reasons for this bold statement.

Does this seem like overkill? Is a professional Concierge an unnecessary expense or position to take on? From a completely unbiased position I believe that having a great Concierge in an establishment is like offering clean sheets, housekeeping services, decent breakfast buffet and free wi-fi i.e. Mandatory and essential. And without trying to sound too arrogant, I believe that a great Concierge is of more use to guests than most of these things.

Let’s get into that statement. In this new world so consumed by technology it’s easy to replace many things in life. You really don’t need a travel agent any more; you can book flights, accommodation, airport transfers, restaurants and excursions online. You don’t need to go to the supermarket any more; most popular supermarkets offer an on-line ordering system with delivery. You can book sport, theatre and other performance tickets online. And with the advent of smart phones you will, in the very near future, not even need to carry cash or bank cards with you; you will be able to make payments and transfers directly from your phone at almost all retail outlets; this is obviously a step up from the current trend of mobile internet banking. As the man behind Apple’s huge resurgence, Steve Jobs, notes, “there is an app for that”…and if there isn’t currently there will be one very soon.

Focus on my article please!

Focus on my article please!

Ok, so the world is shifting people into a self-sufficient world where they can do what they need to do, go about their lives and have very little interaction with anyone unless necessary. This high-tech trend, you would think, would spell the end for a career as a real life professional Concierge right?

Nope, you’re wrong. And here’s why.

Will your smart phone be able to get you onto the guest list of the hottest club in town? Will the internet magically create space in a fully booked restaurant? As much as I personally love and promote them, no iPhone application will be able to get you those front row U2 concert tickets when they sold out within hours of going on sale. In essence; no amount of clicking, tapping or pleading with the internet gods or can do what an experienced Concierge can do for you.

'We LOVE you Concierge! I think they're saying

‘We LOVE Concierges! I think they’re saying

And the best part of all is that everything that we can do for you is completely free! Seriously! Knowing this, how could you even consider not having your own personal Concierge or at the very least not use a Concierge on a regular basis? We know everything there is to know. We go out of our way to assist everyone we meet; be it a hotel guest, friend, colleague or stranger; not because we have something to gain, but just because that is our nature.

I’ve worked my whole life in 5 star hotels and love my job. Sure it has its ups and downs like anything else; but when you find your passion in life; that one thing you do that makes you genuinely happy and content, well, it’s pretty damn awesome!

I’ve realised that being a hotel Concierge is as close to the perfect job as I think I’ll ever get and I know that I add great value to my property. And I know that each excellent Concierge around the world who aspires to the same ideals and ambitions that I do adds huge value to their own property.

I’m a great Concierge who has many wonderful clients and friends, and I; or someone like me could be changing how you live and organise your life soon.

I Am Concierge


7 responses to “Does a professional Concierge have a future?

  1. I agree with you. I have been to hotels with and without a concierge and I can tell you when you are in a city where you do not know what’s what there is nothing like a knowledgeable concierge to help you out and ensure you have a great vacation!

  2. I fully agree with your views Ryan. I have had the privilege to experience some of the worlds best concierges and can’t imagine a life or trip to any establishment without the service of a concierge.

    We salute you!

  3. Hello.

    I am a vert outgoing, high personality, people person. I’m thinking of applying for a job as a concierge. As a person who has never dealt with the hotel life. Should I reconsider before applying or might I find myself in love as u are. I would be applying in new York City.

    Thanks art 

  4. I’ve been a concierge for 15yrs now, and am a proud golden key member. I fully agree with Ryan… you just cannot replace a good NO a Great Concierge…

    Salute my Broe!!!!

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