How social media has changed how we do business

It’s a fast moving and ever changing world we live in. In my time as a working professional I’ve seen an amazing shift in the way companies do business; and what makes this even more interesting, is that I’ve only been working for just over 12 years!

I remember very clearly how things worked at my first job. It was run on principles and business practises refined through the successes and failures of over a century of operation. There were no rash decisions made here. No quick fixes to problems. And most importantly decisions that could potentially impact the hotel on a grand scale either in terms, were not made by an individual, but rather discussed amongst the senior management team and a suitable solution was found. This is a state of affairs that I have seen very little of working in Cape Town. I certainly don’t think it is unique to Cape Town, or even South Africa; but more that it is indicative of the issue of inexperienced people in decision making positions.

Tweet me baby

Tweet me baby

But I’ve flogged that dead horse in other posts, so I’ll try contain my irritation, at least till the end of this post.

My point, before I jumped off on a tangent, is that the world is a different place these days. The way businesses are run now is inherently different from how they were run even 10 years ago. Large corporations that have existed for many years will always have a history of business practise to call upon in tough times, and this experience can be invaluable. But looking to the future, businesses of all sizes, shapes and styles need to be aware of the paradigm shift that has occurred within the technology world regarding receiving and transmitting of information.

The world is becoming more and more of an information highway than ever before. Smart phones, ultra mobile laptops, hand-held tablets or iPads, electronic billboards, and of course the BIGGEST one of all, social media.

Our good friends over at Wikipedia define social media as ‘the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue’ I know, right? Complete mystery to me also…

But for most of us, we have been using and communicating via social media for years, perhaps unknowingly. Some examples of the social media we use today are Twitter, Lamebook Facebook, Instagram and Groupon.











Many companies have been early adopters and have reaped the benefits of gaining instant feedback of their brand; and of course, this means that that have been able to provide assistance and have dialogue with customers on a more personal level. And let’s face it; in this new modern where call centres have basically removed the human element from businesses, this kind of dialogue gives one a sense of humanity back.

I’ll give you an example: Vodacom; probably South Africa’s biggest cellular & mobile broadband provider has an entire department geared towards handling Social Media. Not one or two spotty, greasy trainees using Facebook and Twitter a few times a week; an ENTIRE department who deal ONLY with this vital communication tool. That’s what we socially advanced types would call #winning.

Accommodation establishments worldwide have learnt very quickly that instant feedback from guests is crucial in achieving that all important ‘repeat business’ If you are monitoring tweets and Facebook posts and notice a guest posting a complaint this can be immediately actioned. I’ve personally seen an unflattering tweet from a guest and within 5 minutes was able to have the issue resolved or feedback given; resulting in a glowing review when the guests left. Simple. Easy. Effective. Make technology work FOR you.

Large worldwide hotel chains and restaurants use Foursquare on a massive scale; offering discounted room rates, free upgrades, complimentary breakfasts and more, in return for check ins on the location based service. It’s seen some small application in South Africa, but generally we tend to lag behind in the technology stakes, I would assume because of the high costs of data and the low ratio of smart phone users amongst the majority of people.

Whatever your ‘poison’ Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or all of them; just remember you can ignore social media; it won’t ignore you or your brand…

I am Concierge.


3 responses to “How social media has changed how we do business

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  2. Been feeling this way for a long time. If you are not part of the net, you are not part of the world today,

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