My 10 Commandments for hotel guests and visitors

My suggested ‘Commandments’ for your next hotel stay. If you’re a ‘good guest’ then please enjoy the opportunity to have a good laugh when you see these things happening in hotels yourself.

1)Thou shalt not steal our expensive full size glass bottled bathroom amenities, when they are for sale at reasonable rates. I know it’s ‘REALLY good’; that’s why we give you mini bottles you can take away for free.

These little dudes are yours to keep

These little dudes are yours to keep

2) Thou shalt not get drunk and make a public spectacle of yourself. It’s not even a little embarrassing for us. Only you will feel a fool the following day.


3)Thou shalt not walk around the breakfast restaurant and ‘nibble’ without sitting down and paying.

Breakfast buffet

4) Thou shalt not use the free hotel transport 10 times a day, and then the ONE TIME you use the paid service, try to pretend that: ‘No one told me there was a charge!”

Child sticking out tongue

No caption needed. You know what you are

5) Thou shalt not, or to be precise, should not, stuff your face like a little piggy at the buffet. Yes it’s free; and yes you’ve paid for it, indirectly…but come on!

Don't be greedy

Don’t be greedy

6) Thou shalt not bring plastic bags with clothing in when you check into a 5 star,  or any star really, hotel. Maybe you don’t have a bag/case. Borrow one. I’ve got a few spare.

Charlie Chaplin

This is more the look we prefer. Just living people. Obviously

7) Thou shalt not eat take away food in the main hotel lobby in FULL view of other guests.

Man with many plates of food

We don’t like this

8) Thou shalt not verbally or physically threaten or abuse your family, friends, other guests or hotel staff. We have panic buttons. Enough said.

This is silly, and awkward for everyone.

This is silly, and awkward for everyone.

9) We have cameras everywhere. No, really. EVERYWHERE

Who's watching whom?

Who’s watching whom?

10) And lastly, we are here to serve and make your stay a memorable and enjoyable one. It helps if you treat us with dignity and respect.

When you're happy we're happy. Maybe a little too happy

When you’re happy, we’re happy. Maybe a little too happy